Operational Support

Small businesses and start-ups often find that there is a point in time where they are big enough to need someone to support them, yet small enough that they do not want to incur the liabilities of a full-time or even part-time employee. That is where we come in, we can help as often as you need us to, whether it is one day a week or one week a month we are here to support you on your terms.

Customer Service Center - What are your hours? When are you available for a meeting? How do we...? A good portion of a small business owners day is spent answering a list of frequently asked questions. Why not give us the answers and let us be your first line of defense? By utilizing our virtual phone system if the answer is not in our knowledge database we can transfer the caller to you so you never miss out on a business opportunity. This process will save the valuable time you spend answering the same question over and over again. 

Data Entry - Most businesses start with a level of manual processing that then converts to an automated system. We can help you enter all of your manual information into your database to make sure that valuable information is included in your system.

Form Design - Utilizing years of experience we can help develop forms for your clients, team members, board members, etc. We have the ability to customize forms based on the look and feel of your organization mixed with the function the form needs to serve.

Procedure Development - Who is in charge of what? What happens when someone completes one task? We can help get your operations organized and streamlined and then create a handbook of written procedures to make sure that everyone is on board.

Vendor Coordination/Selection - Outside vendors are a large part of small businesses and start-ups. We will help coordinate the vendors of your choice and will make sure that they are communicating and completing their tasks as required to keep your business running.

Looking for something not listed? If you need a particular service that is not listed here please contact us and let us know!