Administrative support

The Administrative team at YBC can serve as a "catch-all" to your organization. Utilizing the wide range of skills that our team has we can make sure that you are an organized organization without much effort on your side.

Correspondence Coordination - Emails, text messages, snail mail, office phones, home phones, cell phones... Who can keep up with it all? We can! Utilizing our virtual phone system we will assign one phone number for your business that reaches our office and allows us to transfer calls to you as needed. Being your first line of defense against all of the forms of communication allows our team to filter through those inquiries that need basic responses and those that need your special touch.


Data Entry - You know that stack of paper/business cards/sticky notes that sits next to your computer for when you have the free time to enter it all in? We do that and actually enjoy it! Give us your piles and we will give you an organized database!

Database Development - Who are your customers? Where are they located? What do they need? Building a database of past, current and prospective clients makes advertising and communication significantly easier and much more meaningful.

Direct Mail Advertisements - Sending out regular communications to your database makes sure you stay in the front of their mind. Our administrative team is trained in sending out email or direct mail communications whether it be regular maintenance reminders or upcoming sales. We have you covered.

Editing/Proofreading - Ever work on something so long that no matter what it ACTUALLY says it reads how you want it to? Utilizing our team for editing and proofreading can make sure that all of your formal communication utilizes proper grammar and makes sense to people that haven't read the document a hundred times.

Federal/State Filings - Every year each organization has to complete regular federal and state filings to make sure their information stays current within the government databases. Our team is experienced in completing the filings and will make sure they are completed on time and accurately.

Organizational Assistance - Whether you have an office space of your own or utilize our online server for your virtual organization we will make sure you are completely organized. All of your documents will be filed in a way that makes them easy to pull up at a moments notice.

Social Media Updates - Twitter, Facebook, Imgur, LinkedIn, Google+... It seems like every day there is a new network that is the best for promoting your company but who has time to keep them all up to date? You have better things to do (like work with clients!) let us handle the details.

Travel Arrangements - Sometimes business takes you on a wonderful journey. Sometime the details of that journey are a little hard to juggle. Let us organize your trip prior to your travels so that there are no decisions left to the last minute.


‚ÄčThis is just a small summary of the tasks that we can complete to help your organization become more efficient. If you need a particular service that is not listed here please contact us and let us know!