Accounting Services

YBC provides basic and advanced accounting services. Accounting is a key function that requires specialized skills. It is often more economical to outsource this service than it is to hire internally. YBC provides the specialized personnel required in a cost-effective way by only charging for the hours and levels of service that are required for the job. We know there is a lot to read below so if you already know what you need contact us now and tell us in your own words.
Daily/weekly/monthly accounting - How did you handle tax season? Were you searching through your shoebox of receipts trying to figure out what you made against what you spent? Or attempting to figure out how to download all of your transactions from your bank/credit card? Or perhaps you haven't even started the process so many dread... Wouldn't it have been easier to let us help? Then with just a couple of clicks you will have a complied report of all transactions for the entire year. Completely stress free for you! By utilizing our services throughout the year we are able to provide a summary of all transactions to the CPA of your choice (or ask us for a recommendation!). Doing regular accounting does more than just help at tax time, it provides you with a history of where your sales were and a projection of where they will be. It provides the information needed to set rates, lets you know what your overhead costs are, etc. 

With YBC "regularly" is as often as you need it to be. Perhaps while you are just getting the ball rolling we record things monthly, then as revenue increases we move to weekly, and before you know it your company is off the ground running and we are making daily entries! Everything is customized to fit you and your budget.

Monthly bank reconciliations - You know those statements that the bank sends you every month? We actually use them.

Accounts receivable/payable - Sometimes people owe you money, sometimes you owe people money. We can tell you the who, what, when, and where of it all. We will create a customized reporting system that allows you to have control over who you pay, when the money goes out, and in what format, without the detail work of actually doing it. 

Vendor management - Vendors are what makes the world go around. You are a vendor to some people and you have vendors. We will help coordinate them, generate a detailed contact list, and manage the relationship between them and you. 

QuickBooks management - If you already have a QuickBooks file we will take it over, and if you don't our team excels in developing them from scratch to meet your specific reporting needs. All files are stored in a secure location and backed up onto our secure online server that only our team (and you) will have access to.

Payroll through QuickBooks - There is no annual fee for you with this service. YBC carries a license that includes our clients so you only pay Direct Deposit fees (checks can also be used).

Quarterly payroll taxes - This is one of the most commonly overcharged items at accounting firms. At YBC you are not billed separately for processing payroll taxes; they are billed at our agreed-upon hourly rate as part of our regular tasks.

Compiling information for external auditors - If you are one of the many businesses that undergoes annual or bi-annual audits, the team at YBC can work with your auditors to handle all the reporting and detailed data that is required. Wouldn't it be nice to go through an audit with barely any work on your side?

Customized financial reports - At YBC we understand that not everyone is an accountant (that's why you are hiring us!) and we will work with you to provide regular financial reports that show as much (or as little) detail as you want. It is our job to juggle all of the numbers and help them make sense to you.

Budget planning assistance - Do you have a budget? If so, we can provide regular reports on how you are doing in comparison to it. If not, then we can help you create one based on future projections and historical numbers.

​We do much more than the items listed here, but had to keep it short because not everyone shares our enthusiasm about accounting. If you need a particular service that is not listed here please contact us.