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Are you overwhelmed by the "business" aspect of running your organization?

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Gone are the days where you spend the entire month of January trying to get ready for tax season. Let us create an organized system that helps you track your spending, manage your income, project cash flow and makes tax season a snap.  We can customize the system to give you as much access or as little input as you want.

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There is a point in time that most businesses run into where there is not enough work to hire an employee, yet there is WAY too much work for you to do on your own. Utilizing our wide skill set our team can help you during this time. We can set up processes and procedures so when you do reach a point where employees are necessary training will be a snap!

Start a business they said. It will be EASY they said. Ever feel like they were wrong? Let us help you get your company filed with the State and Federal governments, outline a 5 year strategic plan to accomplish your goals (which we will help you develop) and create a formal business plan that will help you attract investors or get that small business loan.

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Accounting/  Bookkeeping

Telephones, E-mails, Website Contact Forms, Text Messages, Snail Mail... There are so many ways to contact businesses these days. As the owner  your time would be better spent doing revenue generating tasks than trying to figure out if that email is a legit request or a new spam. Let our Admin team filter all communications so only the important ones reach you.

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